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The Outback Spare Wheel Bag

(5 customer reviews)


Free Trucker Mesh Internal Bag

Why choose ‘The Outback’?

πŸŸ₯ Made with 1680D ballistic nylon, a rugged, highly abrasion-resistant fabric that can handle a beating.

πŸŸ₯ Inside contains heavy-duty, waterproof PVC lining.

πŸŸ₯ 65 litres capacity.

πŸŸ₯ BONUS: Each bag contains a tough and removable internal bag made from trucker mesh, at no extra cost!

πŸŸ₯ Best suited to 31″ up to 35″ wheels.

πŸŸ₯ This is bomb-proof gear that can take anything you throw at it.


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1 Year Warranty

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‘The Outback’ Spare Wheel Bag, is an essential part of our bomb-proof range designed to withstand anything you throw at it. This rugged and versatile bag has been crafted with Australia’s harshest conditions in mind. Featuring a combination of durable materials and intelligent design features to meet the demands of your outdoor adventures.

The bag’s exterior is constructed using 1680D ballistic nylon, a highly abrasion-resistant fabric that can handle the toughest beatings. This bag will stay solid and intact regardless of terrain or conditions, protecting your gear from the elements.

Inside, you’ll find a heavy-duty, waterproof PVC lining that provides an additional layer of protection. This ensures that your belongings remain safe and dry even in the harshest weather, giving you peace of mind throughout your journey.

With an impressive volume of 65 Litres, this bag offers endless possibilities. You can conveniently toss in your dirty and smelly gear, from rubbish, wetsuits, and dirty clothes to firewood and recovery gear. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your vehicle or campsite organised while on the go.

To enhance functionality, each bag comes equipped with a tough and removable internal bag made from trucker mesh, making it incredibly easy to remove rubbish, transport firewood, and take your dirty clothes/gear to the washing machine. The mesh pockets on both sides further contribute to the bag’s capabilities, ensuring quick and easy access to smaller essentials.

For added convenience, a drainage eyelet is included in the base of the bag. This feature allows any moisture or liquid to escape, keeping your gear dry and preventing any potential odour buildup.

Designed to accommodate 265 up to 305 (31″ – 35″) tyres, ‘The Outback’ Spare Wheel Bag is the perfect fit for your vehicle. Its heavy-duty zipper ensures a secure closure, protecting your items during transport.

When it comes to delivery, we’ve got you covered. Orders are carefully picked and packed every Monday and Thursday for prompt shipment.

Elevate your outdoor adventures with ‘The Outback’ Spare Wheel Bag. Its exceptional durability, versatile storage capacity, and convenient features make it an indispensable companion for any rugged journey. Get ready to take on the challenges of the great outdoors with a bag that can handle it all.

5 reviews for The Outback Spare Wheel Bag

  1. Mat Coulton

    Great bit of kit.

  2. Michael Smith

    The Outback Spare Wheel Bag is not only heavy-duty it is also big. Larger than I expected, honestly. It will hold firewood or a camp stove just as easily as a lot of trash. I’ve only had this gem for a short time, so durability is not 100% official yet, but it feels solid. The seams are sewn in a way that appears very strong, and overall, it feels and behaves like a quality bag. So far, it holds up well and is a great option for the price.

  3. Will Lakeland

    G’day fellow explorers! Just wanted to give a massive shoutout to ‘The Outback’ Spare Wheel Bag – an absolute game-changer for any outback trekker. This bag’s like having a trusty mate on the journey, always got your back.

    The 1680D ballistic nylon exterior is like a croc’s hide – tough and ready for anything. I’ve dragged this bag through red dirt, river crossings, and even a bit of bush bashing – not a scratch on it! The PVC lining inside is a champ, keeping everything bone-dry, even in a downpour.

    ‘The Outback’ Spare Wheel Bag is the real deal, folks. If you’re heading into the wild, this bag’s your ticket to hassle-free adventures. Five stars all the way!

  4. Micheal Smith

    A nice budget option compared to the overpriced name brand. The size is perfect for storing the camping gear I always like to have for my trips. I LOVE this Spare Wheel Bag and it is the best Overland product I have bought yet.

  5. Camie Silva

    The bag rocked up real quick, just like they said it would, and it looks like it’s built bloody well. Totally worth the cash I shelled out for it. Never been a fan of having rubbish cluttering up my Jeep, so this thing’s a ripper for me. Cheers!

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Why choose us for a spare wheel bag?

We've created tough little creatures to thrive in the challenging conditions found on our sunburnt country.

Made for Harsh Environments

Our gear is made to mimic our Fauna, rugged and resolute.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your queries answered for a smooth experience

What are the different ways I can use a spare wheel bag?

Spare wheel/tyre bags are perfect for anything you want to keep out of the car. Examples include:

1. Rubbish

2. Store and transport firewood

3. Dirty clothes/laundry

4. Recovery gear

5. Wetsuits

6. Camping gear

7. Tools

8. Cooking supplies

9. Towels

10. Dog/Pet supplies. Plus, many more.

What is 1680D ballistic nylon?

1680D ballistic nylon is a high-performance and heavy-duty fabric used primarily in the manufacturing of durable and resilient products. Ballistic nylon was originally developed for use in World War II for flak jackets to protect from flying shrapnel and other ballistic impacts.

The "1680D" refers to the denier count, which is a unit of measurement used to indicate the thickness and weight of the fabric.

1680D ballistic nylon vs canvas

1680D ballistic nylon and canvas are both durable fabrics. However, they have some distinct differences in terms of composition, performance, and applications. Let's compare the two:


1680D Ballistic Nylon: Ballistic nylon is a synthetic fabric made from nylon fibres. The "1680D" denotes its high denier count, indicating its thickness and strength. It is tightly woven, making it highly resistant to tears and abrasion.

Canvas: Canvas, on the other hand, can be made from natural fibres (like cotton or linen) or synthetic fibres (like polyester). It is a plain-woven fabric known for its sturdiness and durability.

Strength & Durability:

1680D Ballistic Nylon: Due to its high denier count and tightly woven structure, ballistic nylon is exceptionally strong and resistant to tears, punctures, and abrasion. It’s often used in products that require maximum durability.

Canvas: Canvas is also a durable fabric, but its strength depends on the type of fibre used and the tightness of the weave. While canvas is sturdy, it may not be as resistant to wear and tear as 1680D ballistic nylon.


1680D Ballistic Nylon: Being a heavy-duty fabric, 1680D ballistic nylon is generally heavier than canvas.

Canvas: Canvas can vary in weight depending on the type of fibre used and the weave, but it is often lighter than ballistic nylon.

Water Resistance:

1680D Ballistic Nylon: Nylon is naturally water-resistant, making it resistant to moisture and a quick-drying material.

Canvas: Traditional canvas made from natural fibres is not inherently water-resistant. However, some modern canvas varieties may be treated to improve water resistance.


1680D Ballistic Nylon: Due to its exceptional strength and durability, ballistic nylon is commonly used in heavy-duty applications such as luggage, military gear, tactical equipment, and industrial protective gear. Canvas: Canvas has a wide range of applications, including tents, backpacks, workwear, tote bags, and artist canvases. It is versatile and can be used in both rugged and artistic contexts.