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Top 10 Uses For A Spare Wheel Bag/Tyre Bag

The Top 10 Uses of a Spare Wheel Bag/Tyre Bag

There are endless possibilities when it comes to spare wheel bag uses. They are primarily used for storing smelly rubbish, but they can serve many more convenient purposes. Whatever you store in your spare wheel bag will free up room inside your vehicle and keep your interior looking and smelling pristine.

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1. Rubbish Bags

Whether your next camping trip is a quick weekend getaway with the family or a month-long excursion into the outback, you will certainly create a fair amount of rubbish and dirty gear.

Rubbish bins aren’t always easy to come by, and storing old food or wet clothing inside your vehicle is a great way to ruin its pristine interior. Utilising a spare tyre bag is the perfect way to ensure you don’t leave any rubbish behind while keeping your vehicle interior smelling like new.

Take it from fellow outdoor enthusiasts at Ecotraveller (1):

“This nifty caravan accessory is the ultimate solution to prevent a total recipe for disaster. Simply mount it off your tyre, and rubbish won’t smell your vehicle out and ruin your all-Australia trip.”

2. Wetsuits & Wet Clothing

Coastal getaways to the beach are among the most popular vacations, especially during the hottest months. Whether you prefer surfing, swimming, or laying out on the beach, your swimwear will surely be wet and sandy. This clothing will carry a smell that lingers inside your vehicle, so why not utilize a spare tyre bag?

3. Recovery Gear

Recovery gear is a necessity on any off-roading excursion. Nothing ruins a weekend putting your 4WD to the test, like getting stuck without the proper tools to get you back on the road.

Recovery gear packs take up unnecessary room within your vehicle. If you need to utilise them, you can bet they will be covered in dirt, mud, and other grime you wouldn’t want inside your vehicle. Whether or not you need to employ these nifty kits, you can free up much-needed space in your vehicle while keeping the mud outside where it belongs.

4. Dirty Clothing

Maybe you prefer a long secluded hike over a relaxing weekend at the beach, but this doesn’t mean you will be free of soiled clothing. Dirty hiking boots and sweaty clothing can leave the inside of your car stinking in no time.

5. Firewood

Most outdoor enthusiasts would agree that one of the best parts of camping is circling around the fire to cook, share stories, and laugh. Depending on where your next adventure takes you, firewood may be hard to come by. Packing in your firewood will ensure you have a perfect spot to cook and stay warm on those cold nights.

Not only will transporting firewood inside your vehicle result in a large mess of sticks and insects, but it will also take up precious room that could be used for a cooler of your favourite beer, friends, or both. Make sure your best buds, and beverages, are as comfortable as possible by tossing your wood in your spare tyre bag.

6. Camping Gear

The term camping gear is a broad one. It can range from tents, tarps, sleeping bags, gazebos, and anything in between. Regardless of what you consider to be camping gear, it will inevitably get dirty. The longer you spend in the outdoors, the more fun you have will result in dirtier gear.

If you happen to get hit by a downpour, then your gear will most likely be covered in mud. Even if the weather is hot and dry, you can still expect to have your equipment full of sand or dirt.

Regardless of what mother nature brings, you will save time and money detailing your vehicle’s interior by tossing your camping gear in your spare tyre bag.

7. Tools

Having a diverse set of tools handy is always a great idea when headed out into the wilderness. Flat tires, oil leaks, and loose lugnuts can end your holiday vacation before it even starts. The problem is a well-equipped toolbox can take up more room inside your vehicle than you are willing to sacrifice.

Even if you pride yourself on keeping your toolset sparkling clean, they will definitely be covered in grease, oil, and grime if you have to break them out and use them. Placing your necessary tools in your handy spare wheel bag will keep you from spending unnecessary time scrubbing oil and grease stains out of your upholstery.

8. Towels

Bringing a spare set of towels wherever you go can make cleaning up unforeseen messes a breeze. Whether it be a spilled drink or your favourite furry friend deciding to go for a swim, a towel can be a car owner’s best defence against smells and stains.

Hopefully, you won’t ever have to mop up any sticky liquids inside your vehicle, but if so, you will be prepared. The question is, what to do with these soiled towels? Toss them in your spare wheel bag and never have to worry about ruining your vehicle’s interior again.

9. Toys

Whether you prefer playing frisbee, football, soccer, or league, bringing some sports supplies guarantees a good time with friends. Though these may seem like small items that can easily fit in your vehicle, they can get dirty quickly.

Toss these fun items in your spare wheel bag to avoid vacuuming and detailing the inside of your vehicle after your next outing.

10. Cooking Supplies

No camping trip is complete without a portable grill. There’s nothing quite like cooking up your favourite meals after a long day of enjoying the outdoors.

Propane grills are undoubtedly cleaner than their charcoal counterparts but aren’t free from charred build-up and grease. If you prefer a charcoal-cooked meal, you also have to worry about transporting a big bag of charcoal.

Use your new spare wheel bag to save yourself the headache of staining your car’s interior and making it smell like a campfire.

Final Thoughts

As someone who enjoys outdoor recreation, you should be used to packing out everything you pack in. Spare wheel bag uses are endless and are the perfect option for keeping unwanted dirty, and smelly gear outside of your vehicle.

Whether you want extra room inside your vehicle or want to preserve that new car smell, a spare wheel bag is an all-in-one solution.

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Free up space inside vehicleUsually vehicle specific
Can store a variety of itemsInstallation can be time-consuming
Available in different sizesSome materials are stronger than others
Most come with warranties
Keep your car smelling great
Reduce time cleaning your car’s interior

Frequently Asked Questions

Will A Spare Wheel Bag Fit On My Vehicle?

There are so many different companies and models of spare wheel bags on the market that there will most likely be one to fit your vehicle. As long as you have a spare tire mounted on the rear of your vehicle, there is a good chance that you will find one to fit. First, take note of the model of your vehicle and the size of your spare tire. Then research which manufacturers make spare wheel bags for your needs.

How Large Are Spare Wheel Bags?

Spare wheel bags vary in size, shape, and features between manufacturers and models. Consider what type of gear you will need to transport before buying one. You will want one large enough to hold all of your dirty gear. Some models even have vented bottoms to help dry out wet gear.

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