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The Crashpad Stealth MK2 Spare Wheel Bag Review (Tested & Evaluated 2024)

A quick look at the Crashpad Stealth MK2 Spare Wheel Bag.

Looking for a trusty companion for your rides? Crashpad’s Stealth MK2 wheel bag might be a great option. Here’s what you need to know about this handy spare wheel bag:

  • This 70 L bag can be easily hooked to your spare wheel
  • Double-lined and fully waterproof
  • Fits tires from 31” to 35”

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Quick Pick – Our Best Rated Spare Wheel Bag

Echidna Offroad The Outback Spare Wheel Bag

  • Rugged 60L bag for diverse outdoor needs
  • Ballistic nylon for ultimate durability
  • PVC lining for waterproof protection
  • Integrated drainage hole for convenience
  • Bonus removable mesh bag for organised storage
echidna offroad spare wheel bag

Table of Contents

At a glance

Crashpad Stealth MK2 Spare Wheel Bag – 4 Star Rating
  • Material: 410 gsm canvas (outside) and 600 gsm PVC (inside)
  • Capacity: 70L
  • Attachment: Heavy duty side release buckles
  • Closure type: Buckles and zipper
  • Extras: Removable internal divider, eyelet for easy draining, fully waterproof
  • Australian-made?: No.

Crashpad Stealth MK2 Spare Wheel Bag Review

Materials 5/5

I loved the sturdiness of this bag. The entire thing is double lined with fully waterproof materials: outside it features 410 gsm canvas, and inside there’s 600 gsm PVC. Both fabrics are easy to clean, particularly the PVC inside. I placed some rubbish inside during testing and after a few hours’ drive, cleaning it up was a breeze.

The high-quality materials continue in the rest of the bag. Crashpad’s Stealth MK2 wheel bag is attached to your wheel with sturdy metal buckles. Your gear won’t go anywhere once strapped in!

I was happy with the choice of materials, so I’m giving this bag 5 out of 5 in this category.

Design 5/5

This spare wheel bag is probably one of the most stylish options out there. Instead of just being a functional add-on, this one actually looks sharp. The Crashpad Stealth MK2 spare wheel bag has a large main body and an upper closure section with cool eye-shaped accents. It definitely jazzed up my spare wheel!

As far as storage goes, this one goes beyond the plain main compartment. There’s a zippered front pouch, and the main compartment has a removable internal divider to keep everything well organised. The full bag closes thanks to two sturdy metal buckles, which I found easy to use yet durable.

All in all, I really liked the design and functionality of the bag, so I’m giving it 5 out of 5 in this category.

Durability 4/5

As I mentioned before, the entire bag is fully double lined, which makes it quite sturdy. The outside is made in 410 gsm hard-coated waterproof canvas, perfect for year-round outdoor adventures. On the inside, things keep looking good: the PVC lining is easy to wipe or hose down, and it won’t get damaged by water. I personally liked the small eyelet at the bottom for easier cleaning and draining.

After using this spare wheel bag a couple times, it looked as good as new. Because of it, I’m giving the Crashpad Stealth MK2 5 out of 5 in this category.

Versatility 4/5

For a spare wheel bag, the Crashpad Stealth MK2 is quite versatile. On top of being easy to hook onto your spare wheel, its generous size means you’ll likely never run out of space. I also appreciated the extra zippered pocket on the front, to keep spare gear away from the rubbish inside. The internal divider is handy as well and can be easily removed if you need to. In my opinion, this bag works great as a rubbish bag but also to store gear and other paraphernalia, so it gets 4 out of 5 in this category.

Price 2/5

This Crashpad Stealth MK2 spare wheel bag review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the elephant in the room: its price. I personally liked the materials and thought the bag fit my needs quite well. However, its price is definitely steeper than most on the market.

If you’re committed and love this rubbish spare wheel bag, then the price is fine. However, I wouldn’t consider this bag an entry-level model, especially if you’re not sure if you’ll actually use a spare wheel bag.

Do not buy if…

While this is a great choice for many, you might want to keep looking if you:

  • Have XL tyres: While this bag claims to fit wheels up to 35”, it does better with medium-to-small wheels. If you have a solid 35” wheel, maybe try another model. Crashpad does have an extra-large model that we think is the top choice for XL wheels.
  • Need a low-budget option: For all its pros, the Crashpad Stealth MK2 wheel bag is a bit on the expensive side. If you’re on a tight budget or just want to try out a spare wheel rubbish bag, this is probably not the right choice.

My Final verdict

This large spare wheel bag is one of our favourites out there. If you need more than the average 40 L to store rubbish during long trips, this is a great option. Plus, the cat-eye design adds a fun touch to the car. For those that already know they’ll use a rubbish spare wheel bag, the Crashpad Stealth MK2 might be the adventure companion that you were looking for.

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