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The XTM Spare Wheel Bag Review (Tested & Evaluated 2024)

A quick look at the XTM Spare Wheel Bag.

Are you in the market for an entry-level spare wheel bag? Check out today’s XTM spare wheel bag review for all the details about this affordable bag. Here’s what you need to know!

  • The XTM spare wheel bag is one of the more affordable options out there.
  • Made from polyester canvas, this one is perfect to keep rubbish out of your way.
  • Measures 36x21x60 cm

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Quick Pick – Our Best Rated Spare Wheel Bag

Echidna Offroad The Outback Spare Wheel Bag

  • Rugged 60L bag for diverse outdoor needs
  • Ballistic nylon for ultimate durability
  • PVC lining for waterproof protection
  • Integrated drainage hole for convenience
  • Bonus removable mesh bag for organised storage
echidna offroad spare wheel bag

Table of Contents

At a glance

XTM Spare Wheel Bag – 2.5 Star Rating
  • Material: Polyester canvas
  • Capacity: 45L
  • Attachment: 3 adjustable mounting straps (50 mm) with buckles.
  • Closure type: Top zipper.
  • Extras: Reinforced eyelets to make using a padlock easier.
  • Australian-made?: No.

XTM Spare Wheel Bag Review

Materials 2/5

The entire bag is made from polyester canvas, which is definitely a more lightweight choice than other spare bags in the market. However, for the size and price, it’s not too bad. Polyester canvas is basically woven plastic fibres, so it is sturdy enough for casual trips to the beach or long weekends away. However, the canvas will likely suffer if you intend to carry heavy or very wet gear.

After trying this bag out, the bag itself worked great for our purposes although I had some issues with the strap attaching to the spare wheel. The straps feel nice, but they are so soft that they tend to slip through the buckles. For a bag that’s supposed to hold on tight to a spare wheel, slippery straps are a no-go. I ended up tying them in a knot to secure them. It wasn’t ideal and I wouldn’t do a long road trip with that setup.

Because of the strap issue, I’m taking off 3 stars.

Design 2.5/5

Overall, this bag keeps it simple and it works. There is a single main compartment that offers 45L, enough for short trips and some gear. The main compartment can be accessed through a top zipper that’s covered to give some water protection.

As for the attachment system itself, it’s simple enough that most people will be able to adjust it and remove it with ease. However, the straps that constantly get too long are a big turn-off. If you don’t mind knotting the straps to secure the bag, it’s OK and the bag keeps in place.

We’re taking off 2.5 stars because of this oversight: we’d rather have straps that didn’t slip.

Durability 2/5

This bag is sturdier than a regular backpack, but definitely flimsier than high-end spare wheel bags. For the price, this is understandable, although we would have liked to see at least double lining on the bottom.
The rest of the bag felt sturdy enough, and I had no issue with zippers and buckles. However, there are several online reviews complaining about buckles breaking for no reason, even on the first day of use. Because of these details, we’re taking off 3 stars.

Versatility 2/5

If you’re not using the XTM spare wheel bag to store rubbish, this one might be a good extra backpack to bring your gear in. It has a relatively small size, so it could work in a pinch to carry more stuff. Of course, it won’t be as comfortable as a hiking pack, but it can be enough to set up camp or walk a few minutes.
Its relatively small size also means that, in the event you cannot get the straps to actually hold onto the spare wheel, you can just chuck it inside the vehicle. This would defeat the purpose of a rubbish spare wheel bag, but it can work in a pinch. We had some issues adjusting the straps (and making them stay), so this might be important if the system fails mid-trip.

I’d say the bag would have been more versatile with a couple side pockets, so we’re giving this bag 2 out of 5 in this category.

Price 4/5

This is one of the best features about the XTM spare wheel bag. Its low price means it’s a great entry option if you want to test if a rubbish spare wheel bag fits your needs. Of course, the affordability also comes at the expense of high-quality materials, so you will probably need to replace this bag if you plan on doing long off-road trips.

Because of the trade-off, we’re taking off 1 star.

Do not buy if…

While this is a good option for many, you might want to keep looking if you:

Want a set-it-and-forget-it bag: I would recommend checking the slippery straps before and after every trip, to make sure the bag is securely attached. Tying the straps is also a good option, although it does make removing the bag a bit of a hassle. If you don’t mind double-checking, then the XTM is fine.

Need plenty of space: At 42L, this is a smallish rubbish spare wheel bag. It definitely won’t hold everything you’ll need to store on a long trip, so keep that in mind.

Final verdict

For the price, we liked the XTM spare wheel bag. The bag itself was sturdy for rubbish and light gear, but I had some issues with the straps. Since the slipping can be easily fixed, it wasn’t a huge problem. However, I’m wary about the attachment system for longer road trips.

Overall, this is a decent starter bag that we’d recommend for occasional riders, short weekend trips and lightweight charges. Have you ever tried it? Let us know in the comments down below!

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