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The Kings Premium Spare Wheel Bag Review (Tested & Evaluated 2024)

Do you need extra storage for your dirty gear and have been looking at spare wheel bags?

Today’s Kings Premium Spare Wheel bag review is for you. Here’s what we think about it after testing it out:

  • The Kings Premium spare wheel bag is a larger version of the classic Kings Dirty gear bag.
  • There one has one main compartment (42L) and two side pockets, for a total capacity of 48L.

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Quick Pick – Our Best Rated Spare Wheel Bag

Echidna Offroad The Outback Spare Wheel Bag

  • Rugged 60L bag for diverse outdoor needs
  • Ballistic nylon for ultimate durability
  • PVC lining for waterproof protection
  • Integrated drainage hole for convenience
  • Bonus removable mesh bag for organised storage
echidna offroad spare wheel bag

Table of Contents

At a glance

Kings Premium Spare Wheel Bag – 2.6 Star Rating
  • Material: 400GSM PVC
  • Capacity: 48L
  • Attachment: Seat Belt-type belts with large plastic buckles.
  • Closure type: Sturdy top zipper.
  • Extras: Aluminium mesh opening at the bottom of mesh compartment for easy cleanup; side pockets with plastic buckle closure. Reflective detail to improve night visibility.
  • Australian-made?: No

Kings Premium Spare Wheel Bag Review

Not to be confused with the smaller Kings Spare Wheel bag, the “premium” version has a few extra features. Here’s what you should know about it:

Materials 2/5

Kings premium version is made from 400GSM PVC, an extra-lightweight PVC material that’s fairly tough while still being waterproof. This versatile bag is also double-lined at the bottom and lower wall. We packed this one up with a mix of wet gear, muddy boots and some heavy tools just to test the material, and it worked well, the tools were started to stress the material though so I wouldn’t recommend keeping them in there.

To fix this pack to the spare wheel, two sturdy buckles are looped with seatbelt-type polyester. Overall, the quality of the materials is good enough, particularly at this price point. We’re giving this bag 2 out of 5.

Design 2/5

This medium—sized 48L bag has one main compartment and two side pockets. The roomy 42L main section opens at the top with a sturdy covered zipper and features a stainless-steel mesh drain that made cleaning incredibly fast. If you don’t have big lumps of mud inside the bag, the little mesh hole is handy to flush out excess water.

The two side pockets are obviously smaller, but still generous enough to fit everything we needed. We really liked that they’re made from breathable mesh so our stuff dried up in no time, and the buckled tops ensure nothing flies away during a ride.

The body of the bag has a great design, particularly for the size. The buckles to attach the pack are easy to use but the actual attachment system might not do well on a bumpy road. We had no complaints when testing, but be careful on long trips. Because of the less-sturdy attachment system, we’re taking off 3 stars off this category.

Durability 2/5

As most spare wheel bags, this one has a flat bottom but, unlike many, the Kings Premium is double-lined in the bottom AND lower back panel. I liked the extra sturdiness of the bottom, although it would have been nicer to have the double lining all around. When storing heavy gear (or extra wet boots), the bag held up nicely.

After trying out this spare wheel bag and taking it out on the road, we’re satisfied with its durability. We tried packing, riding and unpacking, and our bag had a few scratches that could become a problem with more long-term use. Compared to other high-end spare wheel bags out there, this one is definitely flimsier. While this might be fine if you’re a weekend warrior if you’re into serious off-road adventuring, we’re not sure if the Kings Premium would hold up.

While this is a great choice for the price, the material could have been lined all around the main compartment to improve sturdiness. We’re taking off 3 stars from this category.

Versatility 2/5

The size of this bag means it’s large enough to hold plenty of gear, but not too big that it gets cumbersome. For our testers, this one had the right size for most outdoor adventures, and the few extra features were a welcome addition.

Versatility-wise, this small-ish bag could easily double as a backpack. It won’t be as comfortable as a regular backpack (especially on hikes), but it might be a good choice to truck around gear if you’re walking a moderate amount. Overall, we’re happy with what the Kings Premium spare wheel bag has to offer. We’re giving this model 2 out of 5 in this category.

Price 5/5

The Kings Premium dirty gear bag definitely prioritises affordability, and we’re good with that. If you’re just testing whether a spare wheel bag fits your lifestyle, this one can be a great starter option.
After trying it out, we liked that it offers plenty of features for you to test out and figure out what works (and what doesn’t). We’re giving this brand 5 out of 5 in the price category.

Do not buy if…

While this bag might be a great choice for many, keep looking if you:

  • Are looking for a one-time investment: As we mentioned above, the King’s spare wheel bag is budget-friendly but might not be as durable as others. If you’re looking to buy one bag and keep it for 10+ years, this might not be the right choice.
  • Love off-roading: The attachment system in this bag was easy to use and pretty straightforward. However, we’re not sure how well it will hold up in rough and bumpy conditions, and the straps might slide a bit.

My Final verdict

The Kings Premium spare wheel bag is a great budget option if you’re looking for the right mix of affordability and design. It worked really well for our testers so, if you have a small budget, give it a try!

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