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Tuff Terrain Rear Wheel Bag V2 Review: Tested 2024

Are you wondering if the new version of the Tuff Terrain Rear Wheel Bag is for you? Here’s everything you need to know about this spare wheel bag so you can make the right choice:

  • The Tuff Terrain Rear Wheel Bag V2 is the new and improved version of its predecessor of the same name.
  • This version is slightly larger, with roomier side pockets and reflective features.
  • Unlike its previous version, this one does have a drainage hole AND a bottom zipper for easier cleaning.

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Quick Pick – Our Best Rated Spare Wheel Bag

Echidna Offroad The Outback Spare Wheel Bag

  • Rugged 60L bag for diverse outdoor needs
  • Ballistic nylon for ultimate durability
  • PVC lining for waterproof protection
  • Integrated drainage hole for convenience
  • Bonus removable mesh bag for organised storage
echidna offroad spare wheel bag

Table of Contents

At a glance

Tuff Terrain Rear Wheel Bag V2 – 3.1 Star Rating
  • Material: 1680D Waterproof Oxford fabric
  • Capacity: 63L (main compartment) plus 7.5L for each side pocket
  • Attachment: Buckles to attach it to your spare wheel
  • Closure type: Zipper
  • Extras: Fits up to 37” wheels
  • Australian-made?: No

Tuff Terrain Rear Wheel Bag V2 Review

Materials 3/5

Unlike most bags I’ve reviewed, which are made in canvas and PVC, the Tuff Terrain rear wheel bag V2 is made in 1680D Oxford fabric. This is a double-strand Oxford cloth that’s strong and abrasion-resistant. The cloth is not fully waterproof, but it is water resistant [1]. If you’re storing rubbish, this will probably not be an issue. I appreciate the addition of a thick reflective strip to improve nighttime visibility.

The attachment itself looks good, and I had no issues with slipping. Overall, I liked the materials in the Tuff Terrain, so it gets 3 out of 5.

Design 3/5

This bag has a single large compartment with a top lid and two smaller side pockets. All compartments (the main large one and the side pockets) feature zipper closure, so you can be sure nothing is getting out, even if you’re roughing it on the road. I liked the overall structure of the bag, and the side pockets come in handy to store small items.

It’s worth noting this is the V2 version of the Tuff Terrain rear wheel bag. In a previous review, I mentioned the lack of drainage holes as a big issue with this bag. Drainage holes allow moisture to escape, and when you’re storing less-than-clean rubbish, it WILL leak. The lack of drainage holes also made cleaning the bag a hassle.

However, the Tuff Terrain V2 has an extra zipper at the bottom to easily empty out the bag AND a drainage hole to make clean-up a breeze. This new version also has a centre buckle on the attachment system to prevent slipping and fit wheels up to 37”. I’d say these are great improvements, and because of it, I’m giving this bag 3 out of 5.

Durability 3/5

This bag looks and feels sturdy enough to withstand some wear and tear. The overall construction of the bag looks good, no threads were loose and it easily fit all my rubbish.

The Oxford cloth is double-weaved, so it can handle some scratches without ripping apart. However, while the lack of PVC lining makes the entire bag lighter and easier to carry around, it does sacrifice some durability.

The Tuff Terrain easily handled my tests, but I’d be surprised if this one could last longer than thicker PVC-lined competitors we’ve tried before. Because of this, I’m taking off 2 stars.

Versatility 3.5/5

The size is good for longer trips, and I think it’s enough to keep your rubbish neatly stored until your next pit stop. The roomy side pockets are useful for smaller items, although I personally only stashed some rope in there.

I liked that this new version of the Tuff Terrain can fit wheels up to 37”, which will have most people covered. This one appears to be constructed mainly as a rubbish bag, since there isn’t an internal divider.

Overall, this bag is versatile enough if you’re looking for a rubbish-only spare wheel bag. I’m giving this bag 3.5 out of 5 in this category.

Price 3/5

Compared with other spare wheel bags we’ve reviewed, the Tuff Terrain rear wheel bag V2 is firmly in the mid-range. It’s not the cheapest out there, and the thick materials show it. However, it’s also not the most expensive or with the most features.

I’d say the price is ok for what you get, but at this price point, I would have liked to see the bag being fully waterproof. I’d highly recommend waiting for a discount (which is frequent) if you’d like to get this bag.

I’m giving this bag 3 out of 5 in this category.

Do not buy if…

While this can be a good option for many, keep looking if you:

  • Want a PVC-lined bag: PVC tends to hold up better than regular coated cloth fabrics, and it’s easier to clean when rubbish spills inside the bag. The Tuff Terrain V2 only used 1680D Oxford cloth, which is water-resistant but not as smooth and sturdy as PVC.
  • Are looking for inside compartments: This bag has one large inside compartment and two side pockets but no inside dividers. If you intend to carry both gear AND rubbish simultaneously, getting a bag with internal compartments might be a better idea.

My Final verdict

Overall, the Tuff Terrain rear wheel bag can be a nice addition to your outdoor adventures if you’re not necessarily looking for a PVC-lined interior. The capacity is generous enough for longer trips, and the improvements on the V2 version make it a much better bag than its predecessor.

If you’re happy with the price and want the spacious side pockets, then this one might be a great choice!


  1. “What are the Characteristics of 1680D and 600D Oxford Cloth?”. Gaoshi Luggage Textile Co. Retrieved November 8, 2023. https://www.china-textile.net/news/what-are-the-characteristics-of-1680d-and-600d-oxford-cloth.html

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